Monday, September 30, 2013

New Chapter Perfect Prenatals Review

The nice people at My Supplement Store contacted me a few weeks ago about trying out some of there products. As I am currently taking only Prenatal vitamins they where nice enough to send me some samples of New Chapter Prenatal vitamins.

I received a sample supply of the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Tabs to try out. Even with having to take 3 pills each day, I find these pills never easy to take a with no after taste. Some of the prenatal vitamins I have tried have really horrible after tastes. But these are actually quite pleasant to take. The only problem was they do not have DHA (the new pregnancy super vitamin in them). New Chapter  does make a DHA that could easily be taken with the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Tabs and in fact, most prenatal vitamins have the DHA in a separate pill. (In my case I just went to Target and grabbed a bottle of gummy DHA to make sure I had all my avenues covered.

** My compensation was received for this post, all opinions are my own thoughts. I was sent a 10 day supply of the vitamins to try for this review.

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