Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blog with Love

Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness month! Have you ever wanted to know how you can help out with the fight to end breast cancer? If so check out below:

How do I Act with Love?
Despite the reigning success of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and millions of dollars raised, we
still have very little knowledge about what causes breast cancer. Now is the time to shift the
discussion from awareness to pinpointing the cause and accelerating prevention -- and you can help!
Turn your fervent awareness of this disease that strikes one in eight women, and take action by
investing yourself in breast cancer research. Together we can fast track research and end breast
cancer within our lifetime.

What is the Health of Women (HOW) Study?
The introduction of the Health of Women Study (HOW) on October 1st, 2012 was another step by
the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation to revolutionize how medical research is conducted. By
crowdsourcing health information, and involving the general public directly, we hope to uncover
critical information that will help researchers pinpoint causes and risk factors that will ultimately lead
to the end of breast cancer. This groundbreaking initiative invites the public, men and women over
the age of 18 of all health backgrounds, to be collaborators by participating in the study via the web
or on their mobile devices. To learn more about the Health of Women Study,

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