Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Decoration and Bows

I am just in love with the Burlap Wreath I made in the fall, but it was not cutting it anymore for the winter seasons. As Miss E and I were working on decorations for Valentine's Day I decided to make over the wreaths as well. So here is the new wreath

The bow is super easy to make. I bought some ribbon and floral wire and made one large ribbon loop

Tied it with floral wire, then made more smaller loops
I attached them all together and we had our bow. I then maybe another one for an upcoming Birthday we have and St. Patrick's Day as well. All together all 3 bows cost me less then $5!

Birthday Bow

St. Patrick's Bow

We also made this fun little decoration after seeing something on Pinterest just like it

Total cost less then $1!

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