Monday, March 9, 2015

Easy Football "Jersey"

This post is a little late, but in case it comes in handy for someone else, I wanted to share. What is a mom to do on the day of the Super Bowl when your 3 year old requests a "shirt with numbers" (AKA a jersey) to wear for the game? Really kid? 10 AM on the DAY OF THE GAME?

We tried to negotiate as she already have a similar set of 2 shirts as this one for her to wear. (Yes we are Patriots fans and yes I would have posted this if they lost too). As per most negotiations with Miss E, she was standing her ground. No tears no getting upset just wanted numbers on her shirt. (Side note the only ones in the house with jersey are me and the dog. And mine shirt is a Kids Large I bought on clearance for like $20).

As Little B was napping and Miss E was watching Frozen (again), hubby and I tried to come up with a plan. I was headed out to Jo Ann's after B's nap for another project, when it hit me..... Iron On Numbers!

Coupon in had we headed out and found these:

They looked perfect and I thought how hard could this really be..... We put the girls down for afternoon naps and fingers crossed, I started on Miss E's long sleeve shirt.

These went on super easy, when I went to take the backing off, I thought I messed up, but you have to really pull it off. When it comes off they are AWESOME. Miss E was so happy with her shirt after nap, she even asked to wear it again that Monday!

We were one big happy Pats Family

And I have extra numbers for some other projects:)