Monday, July 6, 2015

My First Stitch Fix

I am sure many of you have heard of Stitch Fix, and maybe some of you have tried it and others have not. I have seen a lot of people try it but was a little unsure still. Finally, when a fellow mommy from the girls schools said she tried it I thought I would give it a shot.

After reading some reviews of not great first fixes, I was just hoping to get 1 items I liked to not lose my styling fee. I updated my Pinterest Board with some Stitch Fix items I found. Then it was time to wait.....

The wait was the most fun and nervous part for me, I did not want to peek so I waited until my  Stitch Fix arrived on my door to open it. I was going to wait until after dinner to open it, but then I looked over and Little B had the tape off the box so I looked in!

 I loved the colors I was seeing and could not wait to open the paper, I did wait until after the girls went to bed to open all my items and my stylist nailed it. I was so impressed with Sarah! I loved that she mentioned my  Pinterest Board  and the notes I made to her.

Here is what I got:

Hem and Thread Aldwick Swing Knit Tank - I LOVE this top I wore it the day after I got it. It is super soft and flowy, I will be getting a ton of use out of this top (sorry no picture I forgot).

Skies are Blue Mazal Split Neck Blouse - The fit and shape of this top are awesome. The print is a little out of my comfort zone but I am keeping it to help change things up a bit.

Brixon Ivy Steph Dress - This is a tie for my favorite piece it is super cost and great for the summer. I will be taking this to the beach for sure. Also the print is super fun too.

Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Shorts - I wanted to love these short, but they just did not fit well and the color was really not something I could see my self wearing, but the style was totally me so I do not count this as a fail and all. Here is a close up

Octavia Emily Lightweight Chevron Infinity Scarf - So this was so much my style I have a scarf EXACTLY like this one. So why this was a great pick by Sarah it went back for obvious reason.

Over all my first Stitch Fix I am keeping 3 pieces and my stylist nailed what I like, so I will be getting one again that is for sure!

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