Monday, October 12, 2015

Target Deals

So as is typical with my life, I was at Target after 2 days in the house with sick babies when I decided that Miss E needed some new sheets. (After stretching the sheets onto her mattress for like time number 10 it felt like, I was done). So we went into the bedding section when I saw a whole selection of  Threshold 300 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sheets on clearance! I assumed that they would not have full sizes in a pattern that she liked, but this one was right on the shelf!

We both feel in love for $19.98! Not only are these sheets super soft, but when I was putting them on the bed, I found tags on the fitted sheet that said "Top or Bottom" and "Sides." I mean seriously Target I am in love all over again!

How cute to these look on the bed?

***This post is not sponsored by anything one or anything, I bought these sheets myself with my own money and just wanted to share!

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