Monday, February 15, 2016

Beets Blu Wireless Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor

I was recently contacted by the people at at Beets to try their Beets Blu Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor.  I love to try new fitness gear so this was a treat.

After reading the functions of the Beets Blu Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate  I was excited to try it. 

  • Heart rate sensor with belt around chest delivers the most accurate heart rate readout thanks to ECG-based technology
  • Smoothly sync with iOS phones (iPhone 5, 4S) and selected Android devices* No dongle required
  • System consumes low energy therefore a small firmware battery is enough for more than a year
  • Our recorder works with all popular apps like Endomondo, Runkeeper, Map My Run, etc
  • Wearable tracker approaches to running, fitness, crossfit, spinning, workout, exercise and other athletic sport

It looked easy enough to set up from the box.

I downloaded the app and I was ready to go. Here is a screen shot of the app when I was working out:

I found the app was a little hard at first to get use to but once I learned my way around it (and set up my profile) it worked great. I love that unlike my old heart rate monitor it tracks my work outs and I do not have to wear another watch. (For some reason I really did hate the other watch). I also like that you can set alerts if you are working to hard or not hard enough. I used that function on my old monitor when I was pregnant with my girls. I will have to say that this will be replacing my old heart rate monitor and will become part of my work out from now on.

***No compensation was received for this post, but I was sent the monitor show to try out.

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