Monday, June 6, 2016

Potty Training in a Long Weekend

Potty Training- it is the thing that no one likes to talk about. It seems like kids either get it or they don't. I am not sure there is an in between with it. The first time around we had huge success with Miss E, but I was worried about Little B. She is my more stubborn child and the one that does things when she wants to. That said she was coming to me as soon as she peed and telling me. I knew she was ready from my first go round and we had been using our little potty for a while now. Here is the potty we like, the Arm and Hammer by Munchkin 

Arm & Hammer by Munchkin 3-in-1 Potty Seat 1 ea

This potty seems to be just about the right height for my on the shorter side girls. We also went to the store and got some underwear as well. 

Girls' Nickelodeon® Paw Patrol Bikini Briefs - Multicolored

I do not go with training pants, unless we are in the car or at night (I do not push night time potty training as I enjoy my sleep too much!). So we woke up that Friday morning and "ditched the diaper." We even ran a few errands first thing with no accidents. I took her to pee every 20 minutes, by setting the timer on my phone.  Then the accidents started (at home) but we had 4 that day. That night Hubby and I asked ourselves if we thought she was ready and I knew we had to push through.

So we tried again and went with underwear in the morning. We had a great morning and she had 1 accident, then held it and would not go on the potty for about 4 hours. Then she has another accident and said "Sorry Mommy" for about 10 minutes. I knew she was getting it now. 

Sunday we tried again, and she did great all day, until we went out for Easter dinner at a family members house. She was playing with all the kids and forgot to tell me she needed to go and had an accident. Three days in and 1 accident, I was ok with that. 

Monday, Little B went to school and they actually did not take her training pant off, but did take her to the bathroom each hour. That night she came home, I took it right off and she STARTED ASKING TO GO POTTY! She had it! We have not been accident free, but they are few and far between and she can go in the car and anywhere else diaper free! 

I know that all kids are different, but with both my girls we went right to underwear at age 2 and they both got it with no problems. I am so proud of both of them and I have complete faith in this method. 

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