Monday, May 30, 2016

Spring Cleaning the Healthy Way

Spring clean is an essential part of most people moving into the new spring season and in my case in moving this winter. I wanted to share my methods and favorite products for cleaning up and around the house.

First of all I am huge fan of natural cleaners. I use a 1/2 and 1/2 vinegar and water solution for almost all the surfaces in my home. I like that it is natural and that the kids and join in the cleaning. My 4 year old loves to help clean!

When you have those more stubborn stains in the bathrooms I like to add a little Seventh Generation Dish Soap to the mix. Do equal parts of the dish soap to the vinegar and water mix.

With little ones that are sensitive to most dyes and perfumes, Seventh Generation is my go to when I buy cleaning products. 

I also like to use microfiber cloths to clean with so that we are not creating as much waste. These are one of my favorites

Also this time of year I like to clean out the extra junk (ok maybe that is because some stuff was left in our new house.) We had a lot of paint cans left (after I went through and matched all the paint colors up!) that needed to go. I think it is always important to check where to drop off paint and other chemicals. Our township makes it super easy to dispose of these things, they have a drop off right behind the township building, but I recommend that everyone find out what your town policy is. It is always best with little ones to keep these things out of the house. 

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