Monday, August 15, 2016

Perfectly Posh Product Reviews

A friend has recently started selling for Perfectly Posh, a company I knew nothing about. But when she told me about the all natural products I was ready to try them out. Here are the samples she sent me!

First up was the End Mend Shampoo and Conditioner

I loved the light scent of this and how smooth yet full it made my hair. Even with the conditioner I did not feel that my hair was weighed down at all!

Next was Best Face Forever Face Wash and Night & Day Moisturizer

I absolutely loved this face wash as it exfoliates as well. It truly left my face feeling clean and looking fresh.

Now I worry about moisturizer as I never like something heavy, while the Night & Day Moisturizer feels thick in your hand it goes on super light and does not weigh the skin down. This is a great pair to have!

Face masks I feel are hit or miss, but Cackle Spackle does that amazing thing where you feel like you want to take it off right away, so you know it working! After a long holiday weekend this was what my face needed. The glow the next morning was amazing.

Onto body products with the Honey Dip Chunk Bar

I am normally more of a body wash girl, but I loved how each morning when I use this the honey smell comes out in force. It is great wake up for my shower and my skin does not feel coated like it normally does with bar soap. 

I followed this up with the Portlandia Body Butter and wow did my skin feel great. You only need a little of this nice and thick lotion to cover yourself.

I also tried the Cuca-Chia-Berry Body Scrub, while I was not a huge fan of the scent, it was a bit bland, the scrub is fabulous and left my legs so smooth and with the best shave in weeks! (I love a good scrub before shaving). Followed with the Portlandia Body Butter and my legs are summer ready! 

I also had a second chunk bar to try, this time it was Mint for Each Other Chunk Bar

Again, I love the scents on these bars and how smooth my skins feels afterwards. Might have to think about my bar soap aversion. 

Finally in the body section was the Stripper Body Mask

I get rough skin on my upper arms so I tried this there and what a difference it makes. The skin is so much smoother and does not itch as much at all. 

A guilty pleasure of me (and I am sure others) is pampering the feet! Since I love a good pair of heels my feet take a beating sometimes. The Schwanky & Soft foot cream is wonderful. I did not read the package to see it had peppermint in it, but once I put it on my feet I was in love. Peppermint to me is so calming that it made my whole body relax. Also my feet are getting softer reach day which is always nice in the summer. 

My final product to try was the Warm Your Sole foot balm.

I put this on one night and then put socks on to make it really soak in and I can tell you the next day my feet felt AMAZING!

I would highly recommend all of these products from Perfectly Posh and would assume the rest of the collection is just as good!

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