Monday, September 19, 2016

Disney Count Down #3 Count downs!

We all love count downs and who does not love a paper chain countdown! I was looking all over Pinterest for count down ideas when I came across paper chains that look like Disney Characters. Perfect I was ready to get started!

I was going to be making a Minnie Mouse and A Cinderella so I got my supplies ready

Next step is to just start your paper chains. Minnie has a black loop, blue loop, pink loop, then white loop and repeat. Cinderella had a cream for her face, then blue and white loops.

Minnie's first step of loops:

Here are the complete chains before decorating.

Minnie got ears on the black loops and a pink bow.

Cinderella got blond hair and a crown:

Seriously these are so easy and I made them at work during my lunch hour. (I mean who does not craft at work during their lunch hour???)

The girls are going to love these and its just another fun way to get them ready for the trip.

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