Monday, November 7, 2016

Finishing the backyard

Once Hubby and I bought out house we knew we wanted to add a patio to the backyard. We had a small one with a firepit but no place for a table. The table was living in the shed at the time (thanks to the inlaws who gave us their old patio furniture!) This was not a project that we wanted to rush into at all, we had a Landscape Architect out to look at the backyard and draw up plans (ok so it was a friend, but that is his real job). We loved the plan that was developed and they just decided to go for it. We had planned on doing our daughter's 5th Birthday at home, per her request, and asked if the patio could be done in time (yes we gave them a ridiculously short time line but they did it!)

So here is the before:

Large green area on a hill, not really usable. Here is the ends of day 1 (what was called PREP DAY, more then prep in my mind!)

End of Day 2

End of Day 3

End of Day 4

End of Day 5

End of Day 6 (the top was done and just needed landscaping around the outside!)

Here is the finished project from the same place as the before picture

We could not be happier with the new space!

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