Monday, November 21, 2016

Small Changes, Big Impact

I absolutely love the house we bought a few months (ok coming up on a year now). It needed no work at all, well except the list of "cosmetic" changes I made for Hubby! It loves when I have lists!

So the wonderful man, and I truly mean that we love him, that built our house spent a lot of money on small things that I loved. For example, all the hinges and handles on all the doors are brushed nickle! This seems so small but as someone that dislikes brass/gold anything this was huge for me. I wanted to changes all the door hardware in our old house from brass but boy is that expensive.

Yay one thing Hubby did not need to change, but call me crazy this drove me nuts.....

Brass lights everywhere!

So the Dining Room (top picture) and the Kitchen needed  new fixtures. That was easy, Hubby ran to Lowes one night and found these on clearance! So much better!

The ceiling lights, all 18 of them (yes 18!!) well that was another story. To Pinterest I went of course and found that you can spray paint lights. Lowes was my next stop and I found this:

This was super easy! We took the lights down 2-3 at a time (depending on the number in the room), sprayed them and put them back up. It took us 2 weekends but we did not rush at all, did them around doing other things, and did I mention we had 18! Here is how they look now:

I know that I am the only once that notices the change, but boy do I love it!

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