Friday, February 3, 2017

Another set of Perfectly Posh Reviews

I told you awhile back about my friend's Perfectly Posh products and lucky me, she sent over some new products and more samples!

I was happy to see some returning favorites and some new products too. Let's start with face products. 

Best Face Forever Face Wash and Night and Day Moisturizer

I absolutely loved this face wash as it exfoliates as well. It truly left my face feeling clean and looking fresh.

Now I worry about moisturizer as I never like something heavy, while the Night and Day Moisturizer feels thick in your hand it goes on super light and does not weigh the skin down. This is a great pair to have!

Face masks I feel are hit or miss, but Cackle Spackle does that amazing thing where you feel like you want to take it off right away, so you know it working! The glow the next morning was amazing.

I am really into serums lately so this Never Grow Up Serum was great to try. 

This serum is light but gives that little tingly feeling that lets you know it is getting into all those lines and circles to make your skin glow. 

Body Scrubs are always on my list, and this one has the best name: We Put De Lime in De Coconut

I was a little disappointed with this scrub, it worked well but was a little thicker then I would have liked and the scent was just not as nice as with a lot of the other other Perfectly Posh products. I liked it enough that I might try a different scent next time, maybe like the Blissed out Body Scrub

I am a huge fan of the body bars that Perfectly Posh  has and I got to try two new ones. 
Dive in Chunk and Castaway Coconut Snarky Bar

Dive in Chunk was a great body bar. It cleans and feel so nice but with a little less of the exfoliate that is in the other bars. I feel like this is a great everyday bar. 

Castaway Coconut Snarky Bar is amazing and I love that these really exfoliate as well as clean the skin without being drying. Also you can't beat the fresh scent of coconut in the mornings!

I have not tried many body oils so this was a fun new product for me, Sunny Skin Joy Coconut Oil

I enjoyed how smooth this made my skin for hours, literally still at the end of the day it was smooth. But for me everyday this might be a little much. I feel like it took a little longer then I would like to dry. 

And finally who does not love a Caffeinated (!!!) lip balm, Get Fresh Lip Balm

This is a great little lip balm. I love that it comes in the small thin tube and it is a little rougher then other lip balms so I feel like it exfoliates as well as moisturizes. It is great to have a product that does both!

*** No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own but thanks to my Perfectly Posh friend for the awesome samples. 

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