Friday, May 19, 2017

Shed Organization Project

We do not like to not have anything to do in our house. Hubby and I always are coming up with new DIY projects. We are currently trying to look for projects that also are on the saving end of the budget. (We had to do this project because we bought new patio furniture, hence the saving comment). So bring on the great shed re-organization.

When we bought our house last year, we had almost no outdoor furniture or items as we did not have a place to store then or yard to use them in beforehand. So we have acquired and build a lot in the 12 months since then, see posts here and here. And the shed that we just keep putting stuff into now looked like this

It was a bit more then this overly organized Mom could take. So the first step was to move the extra fence pieces on to the back wall and actually move some of the back shelf. This gave us a lot more room for the kids toys. This is only part of the way into the project and look how much nicer!

After a quick trip the Christmas Tree Shop, we got some additional boxes for storage and the project was complete! 

I put the sand toys in a laundry basket, then the chalk and balls in plastic bins. We put all the patio cushions in these amazing bags from the Container Store. You can see them in the picture and they are the best and so easy to carry all the cushions in. I just love them. 

We hung all the yard tools on the side wall
and put the big stuff up against the back
This gave us a TON of free space in the front of the shed. I am so excited that we did this whole project for under $50! What has been your favorite easy project?

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