Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fiesta night, chocolate and Wii!

Last night both hubby and I where in the mood for some Mexican. So we had tacos/burritos. I am not a huge fan of the deep fried taco shells so I always have soft tacos/burritos. Such an easy dinner, brown some meet with taco seasoning, add cheese, salsa and good to go. I love dinners that are this easy!

After dinner it was time to try a Wii Active workout. First one since surgery over 4 weeks ago. I was so excited and nervous to try one again. It was fine I was sweating at the end. Always like to end a workout that way!

Then on to my lovely (and free) dessert. I had to take pictures, the box was so cute. Then I had 2 strawberries and a pineapple flower as my treat while we watch some DVR'ed shows. Nice relaxing evening....I am sure tonight will be different, since the hubby is already talking about a trip to the Depot!!

A breakfast bagel, is not normal for me, but I had this lovey blueberry one in the freezer so thought it would be a nice change. Just a little butter and some green tea and a nice warm meal on a rainy morning.

On the way into work I had to stop at Target, and they had 2 Pumpkin Pie yogurts left in the case. I had to get both, maybe breakfast tomorrow??

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  1. Those chocolate covered fruit treats look divine!