Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Snow!!

As crazy as it sounds, yes we have more snow, but it has only been flurries really. So that is the good news. I stayed late at work last night to watch the boss's twins so she could run to a meeting. They both started crying at the same time and I was actually calm! I have come a long way since my high school babysitting days.
When I got home hubby had dinner made. We had Fish Tacos. This was a first try and hubby did a great job, but they were not amazing. We used fish sticks, carrots, lettuce, some homemade spicy mayo and wrapped it all up.
Before and after the wrapping. They where good just not great.
Then it was time for some kickbutt cardio. This is really a great one, really gets my heart rate up. Then it was time to relax before bed.
Breakfast was the last of my cranberry biscotti. I really love these I might need to make them again before Christmas, and some coffee.

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