Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Recap

I got a great night of sleep on Saturday and woke up Sunday to do a nice relaxing Yoga workout. I got a nice stretch and my back is finally starting to feel better. Hubby and I do not do anything big for Valentine's Day, but I like to do little stuff and since it was a Sunday it was perfect.

We had breakfast, and I got him his favorite donuts and added some sprinkles!

For me it was my loved Beer Bread French Toast bites and blueberries, with some V-day Sprinkles!

And of course some coffee. There was another cup of coffee with the last of my Chocolate Min Truffle Cream too:(

We had soup for lunch since it was a cold, stay in your PJ's kinda day for us. This soup was really good actually lots of veggies, I will be buying more when it goes on sale again!

Was feeling like a snack so here is my brownie with whipped topping all warmed up!

I love warm chocolate!
After an afternoon of being lazy hubby and I made our Surf and Turf dinner. Surf for me Turf for him! We started by chopping up our wanted veggies, a whole butternut squash for me (most went in the fridge for lunches this week) and parsnips for the hubby (not pictured).
The veggies went in the oven to roast with our potatoes. Then we each worked on our protein, scallops for me and steak for the hubby.
I was nervous about these babies but they where SO easy to make, I can't wait to have them again.
Here is out meal:
Hubby had steak, roasted potatoes and parsnips and a beer. Mine was scallops, roasted sweet potato and butternut squash, with a small glass on wine. It was a great meal and we both enjoyed it!
Dessert was cupcakes I made and homemade icing. They where so yummy, hubby licked the icing off this plate!
Perfect PJ's Sunday for us!

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