Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lazy rest of Monday

I got the mail on Monday when I took the puppy for a walk to find these had arrived!

Full review to come, but I had to post now since I got my Violet Love No Headache Headbands!

Since Hubby has a little cold and I was home for the day, I decided to make him some comfort food. Chicken Pot Pie was on the menu. I cooked up some cubed chicken with onion, mushrooms, green peppers, bacon, cream of celery soup, and parsley.

Makes a great filling put into ramekins and topped with frozen pie crust. Into the oven for 20 mins and dinner was ready.
Nice table set up....and up close
After dinner I had a Skinny Latte with some Caramel syrup and starting reading Break Free from Emotional Eating.
Looks so pretty. The book is ok so far. I have to get more into it before I make an opinion.

Breakfast this morning was the last of my smoothie from last week. It was still really good.

Hubby and puppy checking out the neighborhood before work, hehe.

A little tea at the office. I had a lunch meeting so I took a quick pic of my sandwich before I went. 

Whole wheat bread, mustard, turkey, edam cheese, and cucumber. Quite tasty.

And the meeting I had 2 little cups of popcorn and took a cookie to go!

We have a staff meeting this afternoon which means a Starbucks is in my future! Other then that no big plans today, but I will leave with the Pre-Pregnancy Food list which I have been following lately!

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