Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What are you expecting?

I want to start by saying thanks to Jessica, Heather, and Lindsay after my post yesterday it was great to see your comments. I am going to try and stay calm and enjoy the process and all its craziness as much as I can, but I might need help from all my blog friends!

That being said, Hubby and I are very much planners, so when we started talking about having kids I got this book:

And feel in love with it and all the information in it, that I became a visitor to the website for all my pre-pregnancy questions. That lead me to Dan my wonderful contact at What to Expect. Now for the really fun part, Dan sent me a bunch of copies on there Best Selling Book What to Expect When You Are Expecting!

It has tons of info for where I am now, pre-baby, through all 9 months of pregnancy and into post-pregnancy! The book is suppose to be awesome and if it is anything like the first one I will be through it in no time!

 What to Expect When You're Expecting: Fourth Edition

Since I have a number of copies I am not going to give them out all at once, but am going to start my first giveaway TODAY! Please leave a comment if you are interested in one of the books for yourself or for someone else you know (if your like me you also have all your friends and family members getting pregnant too!)The winner will be pick on Saturday by random number from the Hubby!


  1. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, all of my trying last fall worked and I am now pregnant :) I would love one of the books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I just want to say exercise is great if your pregnant but listen to your body, if your over exert yourself, dehydrate, or are out of breathe then the baby is feeling those effects much worse then you. Exercise with caution.

  3. Hey Those books are great. I have them all the way up to the What to expect "the toddler years".

    I have another book recommendation. Its called "taking charge of your fertility".

    check it out :)