Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter sunday

I started the day with 25 mins of elliptical at the inlaws again today.
Then after a quick shower we tried our hot cross buns and decided to go out for breakfast! I got the Veggie Benedict with sauce on the side. It had artichoke, spinach and tomato with a little hollindaise on the top and some teas it was nice and filling. Sorry no pic.

We then headed home and stopped on the turnpike and grabbed a Skinny Vanilla Latte!! Yum.

I had a Solixir around 3 with some hubby and DVR time. These are nice and refreshing. (In case you are wondering I am hoping to be working with the company soon and got some samples over the weekend to try). If you try them let me know what you think!

Dinner at my aunts started with veggies, that was all I had!

The dinner of ham, sweet potatoes, broccoli (with cheese), and salad (not pictured).

Dessert was my downfall but so good. Tiramisu, banana cream pie, and strawberries with fresh whip cream! So good!

And yes sweets are still my downfall... Have to work on that!

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