Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So relaxing!!

I had the best Monday off. I planned to do nothing and that is what I did. Breakfast with my new French Press! First time this coffee lover has owned one and I LOVED IT!!

Breakfast was Special K Cinnamon Pecan and my coffee.

 After breakfast I did a Jackie Warner workout and sat outside to catch up on some reading.

Lunch was a simple salad with veggies and Italian Dressing with pretzels from the SIL's shower!
Followed by 2 movies, Angels and Demons and Julie and Julia, a nice bath and long walk by the river with the puppy. This made me think...should I try to make all the recipes in any of my cookbooks? Any thoughts?

Then I made the hubby dinner on the grill. Surf for me and Turf for him (hubby had steak instead)

Scallops, Sweet potato and peas (all great on the pre-pregnancy diet.) I had some hot chocolate (pre-pregnancy goodness here too) later went it got cold and called it a great night!

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