Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter weekend

Today started pretty normal. 30 minutes of cardio followed by breakfast and DVR time with hubby.
Today's Greenish Monster was:
2 handfuls spinach
Frozen strawberries
Frozen pineapple
1 ish cups soymilk

The color was bad but taste was right on.
We headed to the in-laws for lunch and some time in the sun.
Sandwich thin with Baby Bell cheese, turkey, and avocado. Then some sweet potato chips.

We sat outside the whole afternoon, then took the puppies for a walk before cocktail time. I had a glass of wine and hummus with veggies. I was proud of me for just eating veggies.

Dinner was honey baked ham, peas, a little green bean casserole and potatoes.

Then we had carrot cake for my FIL's b-day! Have a great night!


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