Friday, May 14, 2010


Today was just a blah kinda day for me. Just a lot on my mind right now I guess....

Dinner last night was the rest of our Veggie Chili from the weekend followed by some Jello Mousse. Not gonna lie, kinda glad the mousse is done it was really not that great. I would rather make my own.

Breakfast was Chocolate Friendship Bread and French Press. I know not a great breakfast but it made me happy.

Then I did Upper and Core workouts on the 10 lb Slimdown before cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and watering the grass. Then it was quick run to Costco, Target, and Wegmans before lunch.

Lunch was nice and healthy, veggies and hummus! Yummy (with some chocolate from Genesis). Those dark chocolate caramels AMAZING, thanks girl!

The afternoon was spent catching up with Tori and Dean then making dinner.

We had Caribbean Rice and a Frittata with mushrooms, onions, bacon and cheese. Love a quick and easy dinner.  (yes i burnt the frittata and that is what the mushrooms on the side are from...)

Not plans for the night, hope to feel back to normal tomorrow....

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