Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friday came and went

This weekend just seemed to get away from me, here it is Wednesday and I am just getting back to posting. So Friday night was a work event again (yay the semester is over!) which I was home by 8 from.

And what would a work event be without a Starbucks!

Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte today, had to for the hot day. Plus candy I ate at the event and a veggie burger (which was not great and the picture is bad too).

I spent some time with hubby Friday night and watched some DVR, then called it a night.

Saturday morning started with 2 workouts from the 10 lb Slimdown. (I would tell you which one but I don't actually remember either Upper and Lower Body or Total Body and Core).

Then hubby needed me to get him some stuff from Home Depot and I since I was getting hungry I stopped at Dunkin Donuts.

I got a mocha latte light and tried a Blueberry Bagel twist with a free coupon. This was nice and actually keep me full for a long time.

Then it was off for my first of 2 demos this weekend at Whole Foods for Solixir!

I had one of my favorites (Blackberry Chamomile) while I was there to keep me from getting hungry, and it worked so well I never actually needed lunch.

When I got home Hubby and I did more chores around the house and got ready for mom and dad to come over for the Derby.

We had planned to go out for Mom's Birthday but wanted to watch the Derby first.

Enter Vanilla Mint Juleps and snacks.

Hubby and I made a Blooming Onion with a spicy mayo dipping cause, some shrimp with cocktail sauce, and crackers with Red Pepper Hummus that mom got at Whole Foods. It was all really good.

Then we headed out to dinner at Toscanna.

I started with a half size Four Season Salad

Baby greens, red grapes, pears, dried cranberries, corn, pine nuts and goat cheese.

My dinner was Diver Scallops with a tomato pesto basil sauce, grilled asparagus and a risotto cake. It was all amazing!!
Loved the risotto cake but I did not eat it all! We then had dessert for mom's birthday, we split berries and cream and I had a bite of Dad's tart. It was all very good and we got to sit outside, always a plus!

Sunday started out pretty much the same. I did 2 workouts from the 10 lb Slimdown (the 2 I did not do on Saturday). Then had some breakfast.

1 piece of wheat toast with some Laughing Cow Cheese, egg, and MorningStar Farm Sausages. On the side some water with a splash of grape juice. I just recently learned that my mom also added water to my juice when I was little. Might be why I am not a fan of fruit juice straight!

I did another demo for Solixir during the day, then we went to my Sister-in-laws that night. It was a crazy busy weekend and I was so glad to have Monday off!!

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  1. busy weekend! i have yet to try a solixir drink. ive seen it at our co-op, maybe ill pick one up the next time im there.