Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A pub dinner

We decided the best place to take Grandma was our favorite place Iron Hill Brewery! We love this place and hubby loves the seasonal beers in his Mug Club Mug!

I was actually really good at dinner, I was not super hungry so I did not get a starter, but did have a taste of hubby's Pub onion soup. I ordered the M and M special burger for burger month. It had bacon, mushrooms, and gouda. It was so good I ate it all up. With some sweet potatoes fries and cole slaw (both of which I did not finish- proud of myself for that) was so nice.

Then the MIL and I shared the Signature chocolate peanut butter cake. It was so good and for charity right Mum?!? We loved it!

Then we went home with my parents as well to relax and enjoy some family time and puppy walks. Twas a nice night.

Here is Grandma with Ellie.

Do you have a favorite place you like to take people when they visit?

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