Friday, May 21, 2010

Target meal week

Or at least it feels that way according to hubby.

Lunch was a salad, some pulled pork (no sandwich) and corn on the cob at my work party. Sorry no pictures, it was good but not amazing. Then it was off to the Eye Doctor's. Luckily I got there early because he dilated my eyes to check them. No problems as per usual (ever since the Lasik Surgery I just like to go every year to be sure.)

I came home and made a quick dinner with this Steamable veggie mix from Target Archer Farms.

This mix was great and so easy to help make a meal out of. I did some chicken in the wok and rice and we had a great dinner in no time.
I would highly recommend these veggies if you see them in your Target.

I did a 10 lb Slimdown Total Body Workout then sat down with hubby to watch tv and have a snack.

Love Ciao Bella Gelato! And this maple ginger snap flavor was spot on! Got love the extra calcium!

After I get all my chores done around the house and the puppy gets done at the groomer, we will be spending the afternoon with my mom and waiting for a friend to get in later tonight, and maybe going out to our favorite place for dinner while we wait!

Breakfast today was half a cup of coffee and a Breakfast cookie, hope that keeps me full until lunch with Mom!

Time for some Yoga while the wash finishes.

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  1. you've had lasik? my doc said im a good candidate because ive got really bad astigmatism but boy i am terrified of it. he gave me a brochure and just reading all the things that could go wrong freak the heck out of long was your recovery period?