Monday, May 24, 2010

Afternoon with Mom

After I finished yoga, the groomer called to say that Ellie was ready, so off I went to pick her up and head to my mom's for lunch.

Mom made us a yummy salad with lettuce, mango, cucumber, broccoli, tuna salad, and I add a piece of cheese and pretzels to the side of mine:)

After lunch we ran some errands, I got a dress for all the weddings coming up this summer. I got it in the blue green color it comes up in. I love it and think it might come with us this weekend for the first summer wedding. (Have to love coupons and gift cards in combo!)

Then mom and I stopped at our favorite wholesale produce store and got a bunch of stuff to split.

 The Popchips are from Costco (I got them on the way out because Hubby loves them and anything healthy with him is a huge step!) Veggie wise I got carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, and cucumbers, anything left will be used for veggie chili this Friday! Love that recipe now. 

Fruits included blueberries, blackberries, mangoes, grapes and bananas.

After shopping with Mom I came home and got ready to head out to our favorite place Iron Hill! Hubby and I split the Burger of the Day and a sweet potato fries appetizer. (Sorry no pics). The burger was fried sweet onions, Munster cheese and horseradish sauce. It was good but not as good as the last burger of the day I got here. I had a small Raspberry Wheat and we had a great night with friends and watching the Yankees game!

Friday night/Saturday morning we got a visitor, our friend Jenna dropped off her little dog Manny for the week since she will be working at an office right near us. Here is a picture of Ellie and Manny from a few years ago

Manny is bigger now so I will try to get a new pic up soon!