Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday dinner

Sunday was a busy day for hubby and I even though it was not planned that way! We spent most of the day running errands to get started on a project to be seen soon and getting food for our Father's Day BBQ this weekend.

I worked out first thing with a new Exercise TV plan. I am doing the Bikini Revolution. The cardio 1 was pretty intense but I LOVED it!

Breakfast was Special K so we could get going early.

After a busy day it was time for a Birthday dinner with my parents. Since it was my choice Seasons 52 it was! How can you not love a place with local seasonal menu items all under 475 calories!

I started with a glass of White Zinfandel and we order the Parmesan and rosemary bread for the table.

Then mom and I split the Spring salad with spinach, pine nuts, blue cheese, and raspberries. Mom and I love this salad, we get it all the time.

For dinner I had the Pacific Halibut with steamed veggies and shrimp risotto.

It was all cooked perfectly and with just the right amount of sauce. The veggies had golden beets which I have never tried but am a huge fan of now!

Dessert is the best part of a birthday dinner and I had the mini indulgence pecan pie with my decaf coffee.

I love these little desserts! Thanks mom and dad for a great dinner and my awesome birthday presents (one to appear soon!)

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