Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Night

Why you ask, well I will get to that, but first let's take care of the normal stuff. Last night's dinner was a freezer meal, Chicken Continental with couscous. We love couscous in our house. So easy to make and goes with anything. 

After dinner I did some Slimdown Yoga and then watched some Kate Plus 8. The show was pretty good, I mean if you liked it before it is basically the same.

This morning was pretty much normal with some of my FAVORITE Greek yogurt Chobani back in my life (I was out for a while).  I added some strawberries and almonds with a side of Earl Grey.

Lunch today is a mix match of things to clean out the house. A soft pretzel, Laughing Cow cheese, Lindt Truffles (3 levels of cocoa!) and my last apple:(

So now my what made my night great. So I have been doing the Exercise TV Slimdown workout for about 2 months now and love it. I even was posting my workouts on my Twitter because they had a contest to win free stuff if you did the workouts. Well I WON THE CONTEST! Here is the DM I got last night when I checked my Blackberry:

ExerciseTV: Hey Jacqui! U won the 10 Pound Slimdown RT Contest!! win a a pair of new balance shoes + a free 10 LB. Slimdown DVD! Send addy + shoe size!

I won the DVD and Free sneakers! I could not be more excited, I was just starting to think that I needed new sneakers but was not sure when I would allow myself the room in the budget to buy them. This was great news and what a way to start my Birthday week!

What fun things have you won?

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