Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nothing special

Nothing really special to report from last night, Hubby and I relaxed most of the night to try and recover from the weekend. We did have a nice burger for dinner. Morningstar Farms Black Bean burgers with cheese on whole grain buns with a side of corn.

I picked up the corn in the morning on a trip to ShopRite for $0.17 an ear!

As you can see cherries, and Chobani (10 for $10) are also on sale this week! I love a good sale:)

Breakfast this morning was a nice bowl of overnight oats.

1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup skim milk

All mixed together and sat in the fridge over night. I also stopped and grabbed a Skim milk latte at DD on the way in too. Just felt like it:)

Lunch is pretty simple since we have a going away party at work for a member of our division.

Salad with radishes, cucumber, and hummus (hiding in there), half a carrot from the carrot sticks I made for hubby's lunch and an apple.

I am finally getting my haircut tonight after work, then home to maybe have dinner alone, maybe with hubby and to get in a nice workout.

Have a great Tuesday!

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