Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Melon and Mint Morning

Last night I got a haircut (it was so long that my roots had been longer then my hair once it was cut) so I also got a highlight. Which meant I was not home until about the same time as hubby. So I did a quick Bikini Revolution Cardio workout then made a small light dinner since it was late.

I had some sweet potato fries with spicy mayo and the last of this veggie mix we had in the freezer. It was not so great hence the added hot sauce. Let's just say I am glad that is not taking up space in the freezer any longer.

This morning's breakfast was a nice smoothie of yummy frozen fruit. I think frozen fruit makes the best smoothies.

The mix (and the post name) was melons and mint
1/2 frozen banana
5 melon balls
5 cantaloupe balls
1 cup skim milk
5 mint leaves (just because we had them and I like fruit with mint)

In the blender on frozen drink and it was perfect.

Lunch is a bit of a mix to clean out some things in the house.

Broccoli Salad (recipe here), some cherries, last of my Ghiradelli Chocolates, and my last chocolate covered cookie

Looks like some errands more me and hubby tonight, nothing exciting. I will be done my Bikini Revolution Workout challenge this weekend...Any ideas for good workouts to try?

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