Thursday, July 29, 2010

Training day

Last night hubby and I made BLT's and oven fries for dinner. It was quite yummy for a hot night.

Afterward I got in a Bikini Body Revolution. Trying to up the cardio a bit this week...

This morning I was off early to present at a conference at Fordham University (building I was in- would have taken more pics but it was raining on me).

Because I had an early train I took my breakfast with me and got a coffee (with a little skim milk) at the station.

This bar was actually really good and held me until about 2 pm when I had time to eat lunch on the train home. Here is me on the train

And here is my fab Starbucks lunch.

Light frapp (after all my walking around the city I deserved it) and Market Salad both AMAZING (or I was just really hungry).

I am almost home and then it is a busy afternoon of cleaning, laundry, dinner making, another Bikini Revolution and packing to head to the inlaws!


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