Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Messy Chef at it again

Dinner last night was made by my Messy Chef while I was working out with Jillian Michael's. Hubby made a quick yummy stir fry.

Not 100% sure what was in it but it was a ton of veggies! We spent the night watching DVR shows then headed to bed (we are so old- haha)

Breakfast was a yummy take on a CFY, I made it with cottage cheese, Bare Naked Granola, and blueberries.

Finally ate my lunch that was packed for Monday.

Almond butter and triple berry jelly on whole wheat, carrots, an apple, and some fudge. Yummy lunch! And although I wanted to I did not eat all that fudge.

Tonight will be a boring married couple night again..haha, chores, dinner, and DVR. I think this is how I know I am an adult now...what made you realize you had become "an adult"?


  1. i realized i became an adult when i couldnt even make it past 10 pm on a weekend. im so lame. plus i dont find cartoons funny anymore.

  2. I am just as boring. THe sad part is, I'm fine with it.