Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's all over!

Orientation had finally come to it's last day! I am so happy to be back on a normal schedule. I am not going to go over the last few days because really they are quite boring. However, I will share this yummy quesadilla that hubby and I shared on Sunday afternoon.

It was the frozen Wild Harvest Organic Southwest Vegetable quesadilla. It was a random purchase at the store over the weekend but did not look too bad

 Hard to read but only 230 calories for half the box.

This was super easy to just heat up in a pan and the flavor was really great. We both enjoyed it and would love to try more Wild Harvest (hint hint!)

Now skip ahead to today. Breakfast was my favorite Earl Grey with a CFY bowl.

My C was Cheerios, F was pineapple, and Y was Chobani Blueberry. I love that the yogurt actually has real blueberries in it!

Lunch was a salad with hummus and cottage cheese again....

Yes I am loving this combo.

Also to celebrate the last day of orientation was another soft serve!

Tonight's dinner will be a freezer meal and I am thinking a Slimdown workout!

Hope you are having a great week, yay for Wednesday already!!

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