Monday, August 16, 2010

Another weekend come and gone...

This was a very busy weekend for Hubby and I as we had a bunch to do before we leave on Friday for a little family vacation! So I will not bother you with all the eats of the weekend but here are some funny things that did make it in to pictures.

I was at a meeting all day on Saturday so when I got home hubby was using some of the leftovers to make us grilled quesadilla.

No real recipe, we grilled some chicken, shrimp, peppers, and onion. Then put the tortillas on the grilled added the veggies and protein, put on some cheese and let them melt away. It was an awesome and light dinner with a little side of hummus!

Sunday morning was some yummy oats.

1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup milk

This breakfast  keeps me going so such a long time, which is good because I just had a light lunch of veggies and hummus after my Solixir Demo. But I did stop at Dunkin Dounts after my demo for a Mocha Swirl Latte. So good!

Since we still have food to eat before we leave this week, hubby and I made curry for dinner with a side of naan bread. (BTW the naan heated up a little and eaten plain is AMAZING)
No real recipe again, but here is what we did

1- Heat oil in a wok then add onions, carrots, and yellow squash.
2- Add flour and curry powder to make a paste
3- Add all other veggies (we added mushrooms, stir fry mix, frozen mixed vegetables, but you can use anything)
4- Add stock to make like a soup, bring to a boil
5- Cook for about 40 mins adding stock when it gets to thick

Served with bread or over rice. This is a great weekend meal that hubby and I do often.

Breakfast this morning was back to cereal. Special K Blueberry and Earl Grey.

Lunch was simple as well (might be adding some chocolate in a bit).
Salad with cottage cheese, hummus, squash, and cucumber, Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potatoes, and an apple. 

In an effort to feel good on vacation I am upping my workout this week and might be using a lot of Jackie Warner. Her workout always are awesome and I love that they get my heart rate up so well.

Finally since I did not post this weekend. Genesis is my Popchipment giveaway winner. Your coupons are on the way!

Have a great week, it is going to be busy for me but I will try to check in before we leave!

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  1. yay! love me some popchips :)

    i have so much left over food in the fridge that i plan on a hodge podge meal tonight...we have some tortillas that really need to be used, so who knows, a quesadilla may be on the menu.