Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday what?

So I cannot believe that it is Thursday already. All I can say is that between work and getting ready to go away, the blog has not been on the top of my list (sorry!) This will be a little recap of fun things from the week we have had trying to clear out the fridge.

Breakfast Tuesday was my last yogurt(!), the end of the grapes, and some Cheerios with some Earl Grey.

Lunches this week have mainly been at work during meetings (good way to not have to buy stuff to get through!) but breakfast is always at home.

Wednesday was one of my aunt's yummy breakfast cookies. I will have to make them some time soon. This time with a Skinny Caramel Latte at home!

I love these cookies and they keep me full for quite awhile.

Wednesday night we had freezer chili for dinner with chips and cheese. I love having meals in the freezer and it was a rainy day so it worked out really well!
Breakfast this morning was a little naan breakfast pizza that hubby and I shared. It was actually easier to make in the am then i thought. Heat up the naan (it could have used another few minutes), scramble an egg, then add the egg, pre-cooked bacon, and cheese to the naan. Put it all under the broiler then enjoy!
There was no beverage at home, because look what the office bought!

Love the one cup coffee machines! This will be a downfall for me I know but I love it! I had a cup of Hot Cocoa this morning:) I am in love!

Lunch today is almost the last of the fridge veggies, with an apple, and Food Should Taste Good Chocolate Chips.

The salad has lettuce, carrots, squash, and some pepperoni. Odd but it works:)

Also one of my co-workers bought in some kettle corn she got at a local fair last night...had to try a little to be nice :)

Love the sweet and salty together!

Tonight will be a veggie filled dinner before we head away tomorrow, cleaning the house, and packing...

Have to get this out of my suitcase first...

Hubby thought it would be fun to take a picture of Ellie in the suitcase while we got stuff out to pack.

We have everything out just need to put it in the suitcase! Do you have anything you need to do before you travel? For me the house needs to be cleaned right before we go, Hubby makes fun of me, but I hate coming home to have to clean.


  1. before i travel...write a LONG list of everything I could possibly need and then go over it again. i also do laundry before leaving. its nice to have clean clothes once in a while, even on vacation.

    youre office is awesome, a keurig machine for everyone. can you say BALLER! lol.

  2. I have to make sure my sheets and towels are clean! I can't come home to dirty sheets and towels.

    Also, I am still not sure how I feel about these chocolate chips. I mean, chocolate chips that are not intended for baking. I love the other kind. :)