Friday, September 3, 2010

England part 2

The next part of our trip (part 1 here) took us to Hubby's godparent's house and to do some site-seeing in London. I have never been to London, so this part was most exciting for me!

Here is a picture of the room Auntie Jill and Uncle Derek had us in. I loved the colors and just had to take a picture.

Tuesday Hubby and I had planned to take a Bus Tour around the city. This gave us the chance to see everything and save our legs a bit (and not ride the Underground all day). We used The Original London  Tour and even saved some money (which I love) thanks to Auntie Jill sending us the 2 for 1 information from the National Railway in London. Here was the fun open double decker bus we played on all day.

We started the tour at Trafalgar Square

 and rode around until we got to the Hyde Park stop. 

Then we headed to a must see stop for me Harrod's!

And right to the Food Halls we went!
The Bakery

Fruits and yummy looking

We ended a photo-op with the Harrod's Bear

Then headed back to the park to enjoy our purchase
Yummy mid-morning snack. The past Nigella Lawson's house

And on to Buckingham Palace
Then we hit some rain around Westminster Abbey

And Big Ben
The rain cleared by St. Paul's Cathedral (apparently that is what London is like)
Then it was over Tower Bridge
 and time for lunch before our cruise on the Thames. I got this awesome smoked salmon salad at a little place near the Tower of London.
 We ended our day on a cruise on the Thames River and got some amazing photos of the city since it was almost high tide. Here are a few:

 Wednesday with a little huge push from my in-laws, we joined them on the London Eye. Here is the thing, I am not really afraid of heights but for some reason a Ferris Wheel scares me to death, so I was not overly excited to go on the Eye. That being said I gave in because my father-in-law can be quite convincing. We got there early and got right on, Hubby and I did our self portraits we love...

And up we went

As scared as I was, this was an amazing experience and I am so glad I did it. Here are some pictures, but they do not even show how AMAZING this was. If you are in London, it is worth the money, I promise!

Then it was on the Underground

and over to the Tower of London and to see the Crown Jewels
 Thanks to my in-laws for a wonderful day in London!

The night ended with some yummy Fish and Chips (I love these especially when in England!)
The rest of our time in London was spent seeing family and sending time with Auntie Jill and Uncle Derek. Thanks again for letting us stay with you!

Oh yeah and I got some Sticky Toffee pudding!

What it made a great afternoon snack!

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