Friday, September 3, 2010

England part 3

Our London/England vacation ended with a wedding! Since we decided to not all take pictures at the wedding I do not have a ton of pictures yet, but I wanted to share some of them. We stayed at this amazing hotel outside of London for the wedding. View from our room:

And how pretty was this chandelier?
 We had dinner with the family the night before the wedding (there is no rehearsal dinner in England), Hubby and I ready for dinner

On Saturday before the wedding we started the day with English Breakfast then walked around town before heading to the wedding. Kim and the twins, how cute are they!

Giving away the bride, how amazing is the dress, Sharon's mother-in-law made for her!
Hubby's reading

Sharon and Gavin's first dance!
The wedding was so great and the perfect way to end out vacation! We had an awesome time and everything was so nice. We left the next morning after a great trip and some even better memories and maybe some chocolate that made it in the suitcase....

English candy is so much better then the stuff we get here, we had to stock up!

Thanks to everyone who made this an awesome trip!


  1. that is a great dress. and loot of candy is pretty amazing!

  2. I love your dress that you wore for the wedding. Where is it from? Can I intercontinentally borrow it? I promise to mail it back with lots of German goodies!

  3. Thanks the dress is from Loft, and I am sure we could work something out:)