Friday, September 3, 2010

England post 1

Hi all, I am finally getting around to putting up my vacations posts. We had such an amazing time, but coming back has been so busy I could just not get around to the blog writing (I did catch up on reading all your blogs though!) I am going to do 3 separate posts for the 3 parts of our trip. Although I was not able to exercise most of the week on the trip, I did get in 1 yoga workout, 2 at the hotel gym, and a TON of walking. I tried to eat really well the whole time and actually lost weight over the vacation.

On to the trip, we left last Friday and thanks to my lovely sister-in-law, we got to leave our cars at her house and only take 1 car for all of us to the airport. The flight over was pretty good and I slept most of the time and felt great Saturday morning! After a quick airport breakfast (it was now mid-morning) we headed up to the village Hubby lived in before moving to the states (for those that did not know Hubby's family is from England, and both he and my SIL were born their). The traffic on the M-something (I forget which one there are so many) was bad, that we got off on some side roads.....

My father-in-law tells me this is a road....not so sure about that! Actually it really is a road, but I am glad I was not driving, you have to pull to the side to allow cars to pass....I will take traffic on the highway anytime.

We got to the village in the afternoon and took a walk around to see the sites.Here is Hubby in front of his first school!
So cute. And how great was it that the Bozeat Festival/Fair was the same day we arrived with a produce contest! I had to take pictures of the locally grown items!

How amazing does this all look?
Leeks for Hubby.

Sunflowers for me
I just loved the colors of these beans! Then we went to play in the park a bit

before walking by Hubby's old house!
How pretty is this old farmhouse!?!

Then it was back to the house of our wonderful hosts Jill and Ian (Hi since you mentioned you have read the blog!) to relax and enjoy some more amazing homemade food, like this WONDERFUL bread that they kept making because we kept eating it all!!

So good it was yogurt and seeds, I could have eaten the whole thing!

Sunday afternoon we went to a pub for a lovely Sunday Roast dinner, including all you could eat veggies, and my FAVORITE Yorkshire puddings!

Hubby made fun of me for just taking a picture of the "pudding" but I love these things! Hubby and I then shared a Treacle tart. Yes this does not look that good but believe me it is AWESOME, but not good for you at all. So glad hubby shared it (and actually ate at least half)!
 Served with custard, when in England....

That covers part one of our trip, thanks again to Jill and Ian for being so wonderful hosts!

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  1. thats so cool you're husband is from england. and that multicolored pea pod is pretty interesting.

    i would take a picture of pudding