Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Labor this Weekend

Luckily for Hubby and I there was not much Labor in our Labor Day weekend. After an amazing vacation, we needed the time to rest< We did have some fun eats and tried a new recipe so I wanted to share those with you.

Saturday's breakfast was some yummy pancakes.
After seeing it on some other blogs, I tried topping my pancakes with PB! Boy was this yummy. Just make pancakes as normal, then top with a little PB and some fruit! Nice way to up the protein in the cakes!

Lunch was an effort to get more Omega 3's in the diet and was a tuna sandwich on rye with cucumber and hot sauce!
Odd yes but it hit the stop! Dinner Saturday and Sunday was half of this Archer Farm Organic Spinach and Feta Pizza. It was quite yummy and just the right size to get 2 meals out of (and for $4.50 you can't beat a $2.25 a serving dinner!!) Hubby got a pizza too but with lots of meat!

Speaking of Hubby he is on a breakfast burrito kick lately so I decided to have one on Sunday (I am not an egg person but sometimes they look good).

This was egg, parm cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and onions with a little hot sauce. It was nice and filling and hubby likes the presentation!

On to a recipe from the weekend...Hubby has been looking for these Parmesan flatbread chips that Costco carried last winter. They say they are not going to make them anymore so Hubby decided we would try to create out own. Here is what we can up with (yes this one got a little burnt, I can't find the pic of the better one) but they came out tasting just like we hoped. 

This is one Flatout Italian Herb Wrap with sesame, fennel, and cumin seeds, along with rosemary. Then then added a generous handful of fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Into the oven it went for about 12 mins and out comes the most yummy flatbread chips. The second time we cut them up before toasting in the oven and they did not break up as much.

Our way of getting ready for football season! You make anything fun this weekend?


  1. i did not make anything but i ate a no pictures. my hands were too covered in crab juice and i was just enjoying myself to too much to consider showing the ridiculous amounts of crab i ingested.

  2. Yum! I love making Flatout chips :) They are perfect for dipping in hummus...

  3. Crab sounds good to me!! And Sarah you can comment! So excited to see that:)