Monday, September 20, 2010

Productive Weekend

Hubby and I spent most of Saturday reseeding our lawn. Now this is not something we really wanted to spend the day doing, but our neighborhood was taken over by crabgrass this summer and we just wanted to get it done because we have some busy weekend coming up. We started at 8 AM then took a break for breakfast later in the morning to have some burritos!

Mine was egg, parm cheese, bacon, and hot sauce with fruit on the side. After getting fueled  up we worked until about 3 PM (with  a trip to Lowes and Wawa mixed in). And here is what our yard looks like now….

Yup, not great, but hopefully with a lot of water this week, it will start to grow back nicely….fingers crossed!
Saturday night we hung out with some friends and got take-out from our favorite brewery Iron Hill.

We love this deal and it really is a great buy. I got a Goat Cheese and Tomato pizza that was awesome (only ate half) and we tried the Octoberfest and Raspberry Wheat beers. The Raspberry is my favorite one they have, but the Octoberfest was nice a smooth and perfect for the season!

Sunday was a busy day with haircuts and football, but I managed to squeeze in some fun:) Breakfast was a cereal, fruit, and yogurt. Love this breakfast.

Mom and I managed a fun little afternoon trip to Whole Foods to celebrate their 30th Birthday! Tons of fun samples and good times with the Whole Foods people! While there we decided to grab some yummy things from the salad bar for lunch.

We got spinach salad, kale salad, roasted mushrooms, bean salad, peppers, roasted cauliflower, tofu salad, noodle salad, asparagus salad, and i think that might be it. It was a nice little bit of A LOT of different things. I even tried a piece of tofu and I actually really enjoyed it. Tofu is one of those foods I still do not think I will buy myself, but it was fun to have from the salad bar!

Hubby and I spend most of the afternoon relaxing (and reading for me) but did have a fun creation last night.

Champagne-Raspberry Sorbet! We made this 2 weekend ago and it is just so yummy and light! Not good for little one (you can taste the alcohol) but nice when you just want something light.
That was pretty much our weekend nothing super exciting....How was your weekend?


  1. oh man im so glad we dont have to do yard work. one day though ill want one, but for now im glad our property manager takes care of it :)

    my weekend was spent running 6 mediocre miles.

  2. Champagne in sorbet? Yes please!

    Also, the mention of Wawa just made me so happy (but a little East Coast-sick) :)