Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Flavors and more good buys

Yesterday morning I decided to try a new tea flavor that I have been saving up for the Fall.

So I think the problem is that I expected this tea to be great because I waited so long to try it. Do you ever do that, wait to try something they it just never lives up to the expectations you have for it? It did not really taste like anything special to me so I guess I was just disappointed it was not more pumpkin like. Oh well I will stick with Starbucks and Whole Foods lattes!

I had to make an exchange from our weekend purchases (I grab 2 of the same Laughing Cows by mistake) so back to Shop Rite I went and found our Barber Foods chicken stuffers on sale (and I had a coupon for them too!)

I got both for only $5. I love these for quick week night meals. Work has been super busy this week so this post is not going to be long, but check out the super cute giveaway that my friend MRM is having right now!

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