Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cooking with decorations

One of my first projects over the long Thanksgiving weekend was to turn my fall decorations into edible delights!
I like to take my pumpkins after the holidays and make my own pureed pumpkin to use in recipes. The first step is to clean out the pumpkins and put the seeds into the oven to roast. I just use some cooking spray on the seeds then add a little salt and into the oven for 25 minutes.

*I have a granola recipe that calls for seeds maybe that will be next in my kitchen.*
Then it was time to tackle the actually pumpkins. In to the pots to steam.

This year I decided to use my blender to puree the mix.
So easy and such a good use for my pretty pumpkins.
What do you do with your Fall decorations when the season is over? I am so glad that I have found a good use for my beloved pumpkins!

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  1. We only had a few, tiny pumpkins this year, so we didn't carve them and I didn't get the seeds (YUMMY!) scooped out yet. Maybe they are still good? I don't know! : )