Monday, December 20, 2010

Healthy Fries?

I know everyone has seen or heard of Wendy’s new fries with sea salt, they are everywhere I feel. Well Hubby and I are big Wendy’s fans so when I found some coupons to test the fries for free, we were all in. So one night on the way home, not feeling like making dinner, we stopped to try out these little babies.

I tried to go in with an open mind as I have heard a lot about them (sorry the pic is bad, I took it at night in the car because I wanted to eat them still hot). So first bite, I was expecting something to do so different then normal, but really they just tasted like fast food fries. Hubby and I discussed them and decided they actually taste more like McDonald’s fries then Wendy’s. Since McDonald’s is normally ranked as the best fries I would think that is a good thing. I think these fries are good, but I guess I just expected them to taste more homemade which I is crazy since I am sure they are just frozen and fried! Overall, I will most likely get them again, and try them with a Frosty smile_regular  What do you think of the Natural Fries?

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