Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coffee-Mate Game Day

A few weeks ago I got an email from Coffee-Mate about having an event for them the first weekend in  February. Since we already planned to have our Super Bowl Party, I knew the “Game Night” Party would be perfect for us. Wow was I surprised when my “party pack” arrived! It was much bigger then I was expecting!

I got tons of coffee single packs, Coffee-Mate single packs, coupons for Coffee-Mate, Cranium, and a poker set! (Hubby was very excited about the poker set. Apparently the chips are really good). So off to the store I went to get my Coffee-Mate’s for the party. I chose White Chocolate Caramel Latte and Belgian Chocolate Toffee.  

Then it was time for our party. Hubby did most of the prep (I had to work that afternoon) and had a great menu for us. Chili, jalapeno poppers, wings, chips, dips, and veggies. It was quite the spread!


Everyone had a great time, including the puppies, and we needed the night with our coffees while we watched the game.


What did you do for the big game?

I have some coupons for free Coffee-Mate bottles left, so the first 5 people to email me your name and address to jmrossetter at gmail dot com will get a coupon or 2 in the mail!

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