Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Improvements

Some of you have asked for more baby prep posts. If you have checked my twitter, you might know that hubby and I have been busy working on projects to get ready for the baby. Most recently Hubby and his dad added some storage space to our basement and changed out some doors.

First project was to replace the basement door. Since we got the house hubby has wanted to put a glass panel door at the steps to the basement. He thought it would make the basement feel more open to the rest of the house. Also he thought we could use the old door to put at the bottom of the basement steps and open them up for storage, and with a little one on the way we thought that would be a great idea.

Here is the new basement door (which minus the nose prints from the dog and the finger prints that are sure to follow, I really love).

And here is the old door in the basement (looks like it was meant to be there….)

Finally my new storage area (with all the stuff I wanted to put in it, not even half full!)

Thanks Hubby and Dad in law!

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