Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Curry and Rice

Hubby and I like to make a quick vegetable curry when we feel like we need to add some vegetables into our diet. We use this recipe and just add whatever veggies we have on hand at the house. This time it was just frozen mixed vegetables and mushrooms.

To make this even easier we used a Uncle Ben's Ready Rice I got with a coupon. This basmati rice was so easy to use and had a good flavor to it. It was very fluffy and EXTREMELY low in sodium. When you need a quick side I would highly recommend it.


*This is my own opinion I received nothing for this, I just like how easy these are too use!

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  1. I have been using frozen veggies lately like crazy, just alternating which flavor profile I want to use based on whichever spice blend I pull out of the cabinet. So easy, so healthy, and not too expensive. [Although now that summer is coming with cheap seasonal produce I may spend more time chopping up fresh goodies.]