Friday, April 6, 2012

Frugal Fridays

I am going to try to share some of my good finds on Fridays (when I remember)! Last weekend Hubby and I did some errands and found some great buys. Little miss wanted to show off the good (most of which are for her).


We found this discount store next to the furniture store we had gone to for new couches and found some great deal. We got a car book for my Dad for $5, bungee cords (that we could have used last summer) for $2, and 5 Mr. Men and Little Miss books for $1 each!

Next we headed to Buy Buy Baby because we still had gift cards and credit from the Baby Shower to use there. Well first I found this flower accessory for my drying rack. If you have one of the “grass” drying racks, I would get this flower. It was $5 and worth the price, it has given me so much more room on the drying rack, I am loving it.

Next we got a towel/blanket  for swim lessons. Once we get out of the pool she seems to get cold so fast we got this hooded fish towel that covers her whole little body. It looks so cute on I will have to remember to post a pic of her in it.

Next we got 2 Nuk Learner Cups. We are trying to make the transition from the bottle to the cup and these ones with the soft top have been great. We got 2 with a Buy One Get One Coupon I had found. We also got these Nuk teething rings. We are trying to move away from the pacifier, but with new teeth coming all the time want something she can still chew on. (She was not actually sucking the pacifier any more but chewing the back at night, so one of these went in the crib.) Finally we grabbed some cereal to round out the purchase and with 2 – $5 off and 1 20% off coupon it was only $22 at Buy Buy Baby that came off our store credit.

I love that Buy Buy Baby takes the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, makes shopping there so much more fun.

What has been your best purchase lately?

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