Monday, September 10, 2012

Army of Women Latin Style!

We need Latinas living in the U.S. who were diagnosed with breast cancer, completed chemotherapy within the last 10 years, and experienced menopause (el cambio de vida) as a result of their chemotherapy, to participate in a research study about chemotherapy-induced premature menopause.

Chemotherapy is standard treatment for women with early stage breast cancer. One of the side effects of chemotherapy treatment is chemotherapy-induced premature menopause, which may be temporary or permanent. There is very little research that has been done specifically on Latinas and breast cancer, and it is important to learn more about their experiences. This study will help researchers learn more about chemotherapy-induced menopause from the perspective of Latinas who have been treated for breast cancer.

Please read on to learn more about what's involved and who can participate. If this study isn't right for you, please pass it on! Please help the Army of Women and the research team find the women they need!

What's the study about?

The purpose of this study is to better understand the unique experiences and needs of Latinas diagnosed with breast cancer who are put into early menopause (el cambio de vida) due to their chemotherapy treatments. This is the first study to explore the impact of chemotherapy-induced menopause on Latinas, and the researchers will use what they learn to help other Latinas who may experience early menopause because of their cancer treatments.

What's involved?

If you sign up for the "Chemotherapy-Induced Premature Menopause in Latina Women with Breast Cancer" study, the research team will contact you by phone to confirm that you are eligible for the study. You will have the option of having a professional Spanish translator provided for you, if needed. If you are eligible and choose to participate in the study, you will be asked to do the following:

• Complete a consent form and two questionnaires (available in English and Spanish). These can be mailed to you or given to you at a confidential agreed upon location.

• Complete an interview with the research team, either over the phone or in person at a confidential agreed upon location. You will be asked several questions regarding your experience with menopause (el cambio de vida) resulting from chemotherapy you have received as part of your treatment for breast cancer. The interview will be recorded but kept confidential and will take about an hour of your time.

• Approximately three months after your first interview, you may be contacted to answer questions regarding your menopause (el cambio de vida) experience over time, to clarify previous discussion, or to review answers from your previous interview. This will take a few minutes of your time.

Study participants will be compensated for their time.

Who is conducting the study?

Jean Boucher, PhD, RN, and Maryellen D. Brisbois, MS, RN, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester


Anywhere in the United States – interviews can be completed over the phone

Who can participate?

You can sign up for the "Chemotherapy-Induced Premature Menopause in Latina Women with Breast Cancer" study if you meet ALL of these MAIN criteria:

• You are a woman over the age of 18
• You self-identify as Latina/Hispanic
• You were diagnosed with breast cancer (Stage 1-3 only)
• You had chemotherapy to treat your breast cancer and completed treatment within the last 10 years (it is OK if you received chemotherapy treatment more than one time)
• You were still menstruating 3 months before you started chemotherapy
• You experienced chemotherapy-induced premature menopause (you stopped menstruating) following your chemotherapy treatment
• You live in the United States

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